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Digital Disappointments?

Digital photography has made taking pictures fun and easy, but do you find you are sometimes disappointed with the result? This can be especially annoying if the photos concerned are of a special occasion. Sometimes all it takes a little bit of post processing work to produce a picture to be proud of.

This is where Serenity Photography comes in. Send us your images, and we'll see if we can work our magic on them.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained?

 . . . Not in this case - if you're not happy with the results, then we'll give you a full refund; you've really nothing to lose.

We offer two levels of service, so just choose the one that suits your needs by adding it to your shopping basket. Then simply send your photos to us by emailing them as attachments to, advising us of any specific requests.

We'll work on the picture, and consult with you along the way by sending you scaled-down images to make sure we are heading in the right direction. Once you are happy, we will email the photograph back to you - and if you like we can send you professional prints as well**.

Satisfaction Guaranteed . . . Or Your Money Back

Not every image can be saved. If we think this is the case with yours - or if you are not fully satisfied with the thumbnails we send you - then we will return your payment in full.

What's on Offer?

Option One - The Basics

With this option we will improve the colour and contrast of your picture and reduce any distracting grain, to leave you with a crisper image that packs more of a punch.

  • Exposure and Contrast
  • Colour Balance
  • Noise Reduction
  • Increased Sharpness
                              Cost  -  £6 per image

Option Two - The Extra Mile

Select this option if the picture concerned is of particular importance to you - maybe a treasured photo of that special someone, or a holiday snap that you would like to optimise.

On top of the basic improvements mentioned above, we will remove red-eye; improve the skin tones, reducing blemishes if desired; and can also tidy up the background of the image, cloning out distractions that clutter the shot . . . and even remove unwanted people! You tell us how you want the picture to look, and we'll endeavour to fix it for you . . . with your money back, should our effots fail to live up to your expectations.

  • The Basics PLUS
  • Red-Eye Reduction
  • Skin Retouch
  • Removal of Unwanted Distrations (as required)
                              Cost  -  £25 per image

** Prints cost extra - the exact amount will vary according to size and quantity desired; prices on application.
Please note that not all images are suitable for enhancement. We will advise you if your pictures are beyond help, and provide you with a full refund.

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