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British photographer Serena Bowles has two passions in life: travel and photography.

"I began travelling in 1998, starting with a round-the-world trip that took me to ten countries on three continents, and gave me a taste of life on the road. On that trip I developed a love of photography, and returned home eager to learn more about the art. I borrowed my father's old SLR camera and got to grips with that before buying my own film SLR, and then moving into digital.

My peek at the world had whetted my apetite for more adventures, and I kept focussed in the three years that it took me to plan my next trip - quitting my job and selling my house in the meantime. I made the most of being home by exploring Kent, my little corner of England, and in my free time I could usually be found out in the countryside, camera in hand. Travelling had opened my eyes; I discovered that the closer you look, the more you see. Nature is a wondrous thing that many of us take for granted.

I've been abroad for three of the last six years, spending much of that time in Asia, as well as extended trips to Africa and Australia. I've visited stunning places and witnessed amazing events and I'd like to show you some of them.

I know that fortune has smiled on me in allowing me to do these things, and I have a strong urge to share my experiences; to give you a glimpse of the wonderful world that is out there."

Most of the photographs on this site are available to buy as prints, in a variety of sizes and finishes, or as a digital file for use as stock photography (conditions apply).

In addition to the images displayed here, thousands of pictures are also available as stock images. To search the entire stock gallery click here.

If you just enjoy browsing through photographs, maybe gaining inspiration for your own photography, then why not visit Serena's pbase galleries? You'll find many other photograpers there also.

A range of image enhancements are also on offer, to help you get the most out of your own photography.

Commissions or event photography can sometimes be arranged as well.

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